We moved to Chennai when I was 12 years old (7th grade). New city, new people, new culture, new traditional food and countless other stuffs were new to me, as I entered the city. As I didn’t know Tamil back then, it was eerie to buy stuffs from local vendors, as they said the price in Tamil, which I had no clue of. So instead, I used to randomly guess the price and the honest guy returned the change back, or wait for another guy who translated the price. I studied 2 years in T. Nagar and it was a pretty good experience.

Back in the middle school days, my friends and I had a deal of exchanging the language knowledge, obviously starting from foul words. It was fun playing the prank and being a victim of it at the same time. After completing 8th grade, we shifted to Besant Nagar (a coastal neighborhood with a lively vibe).

Now this place seemed so beautiful and peaceful, as there was a beach quite close to our house. I got admission in a good high school as I was lucky to get aboard on time. And pretty quick, I made the language exchanging deal with some of my new friends.

The actual fun began in the last 2 years of high school. We did the crazy stuff and the chemistry improved further, when we went to the same tuition. Pretty often, we used to hang out at the beach. And I still remember that day when one of our friends spotted Vijay Sethupathi (Actor) at the beach, and we were lucky to get a photo with him. Here’s the pic that was taken early morning. Thanks to one of my friends who preserved it as a treasure.

November 2015, Chennai faced massive floods and the schools were shut for around a month. The city was shut down at an alarming rate, but that did not stop us from hanging out at the beach. We pretty well roamed the city every day, without a license and a helmet. I got familiarized with the home language by that time. We gave our board exams and completed the high school, totally unaware of the upcoming challenges in life.

We gave entrance exams to several colleges and we were quite lucky as we met again in the SRM entrance examination,unaware of the fact that soon we’d part our ways to the next phase of life. Most of my friends studied together in the same college but I moved to Coimbatore to pursue my bachelor’s degree.

After 7 years in Chennai, spending quality time with my friends, and creating unforgettable memories I didn’t want to move to relocate to a new city, as I had already fallen in love with Chennai.

When I moved to Coimbatore, it felt a total negative vibe as I was in a new place with no friends, again. But the first day of my college cleared out the fog and it was pretty well as it was time to become dependent, responsible and strengthen your integrity. The college also prepares you to face the life lessons and get the best out of it without complaints.

During my semester break, I decided to go to Chennai to meet my friends and relive the old memories. So I came up with an idea of attending a conference at IIT-M (which I didn’t attend) and booked my train tickets. I was back in Chennai, and my friend picked me up at the station and then drove back to Besant Nagar. It was so satisfying to be back in Chennai. I met them again, we hung out for a couple of days and I then got back to college.

Now here we are, graduated, self-disciplined, and moving on with the pace of life. Maybe now we won’t be fortunate to relive the memories and hang out again, be it so. But Chennai lies in the heart of us, for gifting us unforgettable memories in a turquoise treasure box.


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