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Okay, so FIFA is all about team management. You are the Guardiola/Klopp of your Ultimate team. For every victory/loss in the game, the blame is on you as your players follow your command. You have to pick the right players for your formation to bag victory in your pocket. So, today I will be sharing the top 3 FIFA formations I’ve used, and which are preferred by gamers around the world. I will also be sharing with you my Ultimate Team and various other stuffs like the formation I prefer, custom tactics and player instructions so that you can elevate your gameplay in FIFA. Pressing techniques, skill moves, players’ mentality and chemistry are the three basic things that will help you win last-minute matches in division rivals/FUT Champions. Without further ado, let’s get started.


At #1, we have the most preferred and favorite line-up since FIFA 17/19. It provides you with a CAM that can also double as a supportive scorer. It gives your midfield a steady and supreme shape due to the presence of two CDMs, actively ready to intercept the ball and build the game. It allows you to dominate the pitch with two wide CAM’s who operate like wingers throughout the pitch.

Okay, so recently my friend suggested me to try out this formation due to its balanced gameplay. And it did take me time to master this formation, but all the in-game stats like goal scoring rate, possession, conversion rate, passing accuracy and other factors boosted up a notch. This formation is now preferred by all pro gamers in FIFA. Let me show you how to use the 4-2-3-1 formation and what custom tactics and player instructions I prefer in-game.

Before jumping into that, let me show you a 4-2-3-1 balanced gameplay where you will be able to buildup a quick launch with your solid midfielders, and the flank midfielders switch to wingers and create opportunities.

Now, take a look at the custom tactics and player instructions that I prefer in-game.

The 4-2-3-1 formation unlocks your access to the presence of options across all areas of the pitch. If you’re looking for a balanced formation, invest your time and club in the 4-2-3-1 narrow, and you will get great results.


At #2, we have the 4-4-2 formation which is the most balanced and possession-based type formation, that helps you possess the ball for a longer time, thus creating chances and bagging goals. Let me show you how to use the 4-4-2 formation and what custom tactics and player instructions I prefer in-game.

If you’re facing an opponent having an ultra-attacking mindset (high defense depth), your high-pace wingers will start making deep runs and ask for the ball from the midfielders, thus creating time for the striker to adjust and creating more chances, thereby maintaining possession. Here’s how it’s done.

Okay, you won’t always face the similar minded opponents in your online matches. So, let me show you a balanced attack and possession play in a 4-4-2 formation, which helps you score an early goal starting with your goalkeeper! Take a look at a snippet of one of my online matches and you’ll know how it’s done.

The 4-4-2 allows you to have six players involved in an attacking move at any given time, spreading your opponent’s defensive set-up thin and giving you extra space to work with. Depending on the instructions you give your wingmen, you will be able to provide additional defensive support when you actively defend against your opponent. The 4-4-2 is perfect for players that like to launch fast attacks while focusing on keeping clean sheets.

So, have a quick look at my 4-4-2 custom tactics and instructions I prefer in-game.

4-3-3 Attack

At #3, we have the 4-3-3 wide, a meta formation of the classic 4-3-3, where the central midfielder in the middle plays as CAM and the side midfielders retains their mantle as CM. This formation is useful as it is a hybrid of 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1.

It gives you access to the two box-to-box midfielders who focus on defending and contributing to your team’s attacking moves. Considering the fact that you have midfielders with high work rates like Luka Modric or Antoine Griezmann. This meta formation will help you build easy possession with the two central midfielders switching as defensive midfielders to shield counter attack, thus building up your forwards for an offensive gameplay.

I haven’t used the 4-3-3 attack formation much in the game as I have only two midfielders with high work rates(Prime Luka Modric and Summer heat Paul Pogba).

As of now, I prefer 4-2-3-1, due to high work rate defensive midfielders in my squad, keeping their mantle to shield counter-attack and building up offense, thus improving my gameplay.

VenomCrystal’s FUT (starting XI)

Last, but not the least, take a look at my 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1 formation I use in my matches.

In my first blog, do you remember I told you about the urge I had, to upgrade my defense and midfield in the starting XI squad?

It’s not just defense, I’ve upgraded my midfield to two of the best midfielders of their time for half a million FUT coins and the other half million coins to upgrade from 85 to 93 Lenglet. (Caution : No real money was spent to purchase -game coins, its all match rewards and pack openings).

Now, take a look at the improved version of my starting XI.

Griezmann and Douglas Costa are the high work rate midfielders. Neymar Jr and Dembele rotate the flank midfielders (Coman and Messi), whereas Mbappe takes up the striker position rotating Karim Benzema, thus enforcing the wingers and the central mantle.

Hope this helps, and I am trying out new formations with different custom tactics, so I will keep you updated with my progress. Stay tuned


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