Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The most important phase of an undergrad is the fourth year when the student starts appearing for various companies and the competition is heated up among the 9 pointers and 8 pointers to get into the top core companies and finish his/her graduation with a clean record. Well, I had the same intention as well. I didn’t have an arrear in my graduation, but my record wasn’t great as well. I was a 6 pointer and thought of giving first attempts to IT companies, and then progressing towards the core ones, as most of them demanded 7 CGPA back then, and my CGPA was 6.88(as of 7th semester).

So, the competition started and everyone was giving their best in every way possible. All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. I appeared for companies for which I was eligible, and to be honest, my record wasn’t even satisfactory. This is because back then it took me quite a while to realize the intensity of the competition.

So, let me present you my placement record back then.

My Placement Record:

Failed Infosys Online Test

Failed Cognizant Final Programming Round

Got Rejected in Wipro Technical Interview

Got Rejected in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Final Technical Round

Failed TCS Online Test

Got Rejected in Medtronics Final Round Interview

Got Rejected in Experion HR Round

Failed IBM Second Round Exam

Failed Mitsogo Third Programming round

Failed Amazon Online Test

Failed L&T Technical Interview

Failed Mu Sigma Final Round Interview

Failed TheMathCompany Programming Round

Failed FreshWorks Online Test

Failed Nokia Final Technical Interview

Failed Sony HR Round

Failed Titan and TEAL Programming Round

Failed Tata Elxsi Second Technical Round

Failed ThoughtWorks Online Test

Due to my low CGPA, I couldn’t even qualify for the following companies: Robert Bosch, LatentView, HSBC, Hyundai Motors, Thermofisher, Atlassian, Microchip, Emerson, Continental, Cameron and much more. I got through an online exam and attended the final interview of THE CLIMBER company (startup) and got selected in it, god knows how. It was a sales and marketing company and tbh, I am terrible at it.

Then, in the first week of February 2020, Yokogawa gave out its job description and I was eligible for the exam.

It was our core company and specific only to instrumentation students (my class). After the first round, I didn’t keep my hopes high as it was hard. But, it turned out that I got through the first round. Now it was a competition between 8 and 9 pointers, and then there was me(a 6 pointer) giving my best shot at this company. So, we had a week left for the technical interview.

On the interview day, me and my friends along with other university students were in the hall, ready to give our best at the interview. Now, my name starts with ‘A’, so that was the problem here, because I didn’t want to get in first. But I made myself comfortable, presuming there were other students from different colleges, so I won’t be called out first. The placement coordinator announced my name and told me to attend a technical round. I was stunned for a while and others stared at me(my friends, nerds, over-achievers, and whatnots). The technical round was tricky, as they tested core knowledge and capability to meet deadlines, for nearly an hour. I further proceeded to the next round. The HR round was a cakewalk as the recruiter asked about my background and the company, and it got over in around 20 minutes. After the interview ended, my friends asked me how the interview was, as it went on for around an hour and a half.

Without further due, I grabbed a notebook and jotted down the questions and the key concepts that were asked to me in the technical round. And one by one, I explained them the stuff and cleared their doubts in simpler words. Few understood, few got anxious. After the interview, we spent quality time in the coffeehouse and then got back to the CBE station where we had lunch and got back to college.

On March 5, we got the list of offered candidates. I was sleeping in my room, when my friend barged in and informed me that I got the job. I had such great relief realizing that now I don’t have to join that dumb sales and marketing startup.


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