My Life: Quarantine Edition

I’m a hosteller and one of the toughest battles for me, was getting up from bed at 7:45 am after snoozing morning alarm quite a number of times, keeping in mind that I have to be in class on time for the sake of attendance, getting ready within half an hour, that’s how my day used to begin. Days went pretty well when one day our friend rushed in and screamed, “It’s a holiday tomorrow, apply for a gate pass and let’s go for a movie and a quick lunch.”(uninformed of the dawn of the pandemic)

One day, the PM declared a pandemic alert and complete lockdown for twenty one days. All the educational institutions and transportation services were shut down as a safety protocol measure to repel the deadly virus aka Corona. I am a Mumbaikar, and it felt eerie when the local trains stopped commuting. And not just Mumbai, the country was shut down including the basic public services, except hospitals. The country was restricted to function in every way possible with only emergency services available.

Below is a scenic drone shot of Mumbai under pandemic lockdown. It resembled to a zombie apocalypse scenario where you face serious consequences if you got out of your houses with no reason. Speaking of contrary the city that never sleeps is sleeping for the first time. Certainly, Mumbai needed rest.

Today our life abruptly came to a stagnant point, because for few people they don’t have an option other than working from home and getting bored using different social media platforms. The pandemic had affected the professional career lives of many people as they lost their jobs and it was devastating. Speaking of the pandemic, we were very doubtful about our farewell graduation, there were rumors and idea pitches about virtual farewell in colleges. So later on, the college requested us to collect our stuff from the hostel (one last time), and handed over our graduation degrees via courier.

This pandemic life is a gray zone. I did have a great time with my friends. We planned the trip, went to college(one last time), packed our stuff, met our classmates, had a great dinner and then we spent quality time at the hotel. The next day, I had this fervid fascination and the “GOA IS ON” vibe all in me. We went to Goa and I got to meet new people, new tourist spots, and of course, the beaches. After spending a week of quality time with friends at Goa, it was time to get back home and go into hibernation mode.

Last week, I learnt the fact that I was left-handed, when I was in primary school. So I wrote a page with my left hand, to see how it goes, and it took me a couple of days to get a good hold of it. I might switch back to being a left-handed as now I’m preferring to write with my left hand than with the right. Here’s a progress of my handwriting (left-handed) within a week.

I figured out that I now I’m able to use my right and left hand equally well, thus making me ambidextrous. I thought, “how would it benefit me if I’m able to use both my hands equally well?”. Turns out, I increased my quantitative reasoning score from 155 to 164 in GRE. (Idk how it is related but Google has posed similar theories too).

After a few years, when I meet Lionel Messi, I wouldn’t prefer a translator to interrupt when I’m having a conversation with the G.O.A.T, at Camp Nou. So, to avoid these barriers, I decided to learn Spanish by enrolling in an online class and watching Spanish TV Series. You could imagine the level of boredom and my thoughts at this point of the quarantine period.

Earlier, my previous blog explained why I deleted my FUT20 club and moved on, but the pandemic boredom hit me so hard that I had to contact one of those EA guys and get my account restored, just to play it for a while. And now, I am waiting for CPY to crack FIFA21, thereby playing FIFA 20 and spending an hour or two, on the dead-server game, wishing to pack an icon.

So yes, the quarantine life is a gray zone now, as I spoilt my sleep schedule, binging NETFLIX for hours and playing AMONG US with my high school friends. Everywhere we need to distinguish between the positive and negative, so that we can balance our life and our future generation should be able to follow the path looking at the brighter side.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself” ~Some Great Guy


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