Thank you, Football

It was final year in college, when I messed up my long-distance friendship, which cost me a heavy toll. Unable to focus, apart from wavering between the past and the point where it all went wrong, I didn’t have an option but to play the cards I was dealt with. There is a form of OCD that gives people ‘false memories’. I sought advice from my friends from a third person perspective. Few of them suggested to distract the mind for a while binging TV series and play football at evenings, whereas my stoner friends had different plans. So I did both, and to be honest, it worked out for a while, until one fine evening I met my classmate in my hostel whose advice literally did change my routine from that day.

Okay, so this guy had the similar problems, but we have one passion in common, and that is football. He is a FIFA gamer and quite often ignored his girlfriend’s phone calls as he focused on his game. And that’s how their relationship didn’t have the legs to go the distance as he preferred football over his relationship. So I played FIFA 19 with him casually and asked him where he went all wrong, and to be honest, he explained about it and didn’t regret much as he realized his problem and later told me to focus on the game. I decided to use FIFA 19 as my weapon of distraction and we played FIFA in the evenings the entire semester.

Physical attraction is nothing more than chemical reactions in your brain. FIFA 19 was my ultimate weapon of distraction apart from binging TV series with friends on weekends. It did keep me engrossed, and I got to learn tons of stuffs as he explained me the chemistry of the game. So instead of tailgating on my friend on various social platforms, I started playing FIFA to keep my mind distracted and positive for a while.

Playing a strategy game involves making fast analysis and quick decisions, sometimes with incomplete information. Complex, strategy-based games like FIFA 20 and Call of Duty can improve other cognitive skills, including working memory and reasoning. FIFA 20 released in September 2019 and I purchased it on June 2020, the dawn of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, I have a pretty decent ultimate team in FIFA 20, built from scratch, which you can check it out here. FIFA 20 soon turned into a positive addiction and all I could think of now, is the possible formations and tactics my club (FC Barcelona) would use in the upcoming matches.

Maybe not just FIFA, but football in general. It’s not just a game that helps you escape reality, but it helped me integrate back into reality when I lost touch. I watched several league tournaments, including LaLiga, Premier League, UCL and Serie-A, to learn more about the gameplay and created a gaming hub in UCL to bid on players and top the table. So yeah, football did help me get over negative chemical reactions in my mind.

I would like to thank EASports for creating a FIFA game, which has helped people to divert into a positive loophole. Despite of the few downsides in the game, like the AI and the gameplay, to be precise, FIFA was my first step into finding something I was passionate about again. FIFA 21 came out in September 2020 and I didn’t get a copy of it because FIFA 20 pretty much was a cure to my negative chemical reactions in my mind. I am quite happy to play the game and thus it has helped me to streamline the positive vibes into my mind, thus regaining focus in personal and professional life.


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