The FIFA rage quit experiment

Okay, so as a matter of fact, physical attraction is nothing more than chemical reactions in your brain. Back in hostel days, I started playing FIFA19 with my friend (1v1). It was a smooth game until I saw him switch to ultimate team. So back then, one fine evening, playing FIFA Ultimate team (with the fitbit on), when he scored a goal against the opponent, his heartbeat rate spiked from 72 to 90ish. He tried to hide his emotions, but the fitbit had different plans. So I asked him how different is the ultimate team from the casual matches we play.

I had my answer when I purchased FIFA 20, back in June, and you can check out my experiences on the game here. There’s no doubt that anyone who’s played FIFA will have at some point experienced “FIFA rage”, succumbing to the frustration and supposed injustice of the game. The game has a reputation of triggering high levels of player rage when it comes to ultimate team. Let me tell you my personal experience. When I started playing ultimate team and conceded a goal midway, it was maddening until one day I did something very similar to this:

And the very next second, I rang up Redgear’s service center and played the blame game, which eventually led them to courier me a new replacement of my 2 months old broken controller.

When you’re in the game, you’re playing it with your utmost focus, trying your best not to screw up. Your body exhibits increased heart rates, blood pressures, a greater level of arousal, rage, anxiety, indicating a surge in emotional activity, when playing against a random stranger. Messages from other players also cause surges of emotion, but despite this all, gamers feel that FIFA is a good way of relaxing your way out.

Despite the strange body response during the game, gamers usually tend to indicate a decline in anxiety, and they feel less stressed after the game. This shows that, despite the commonality of experiencing “FIFA Rage”, playing the game can actually reduce the players’ perception of stress and anxiety. So, there you have it: FIFA, one of the most rage-inducing games out there, actually reduces stress and anxiety.

You might wonder why people like me play FIFA, and what good does it serve? And yeah, the answer is pretty simple. From casual pick-up games with friends, to competitive tournaments with cash prizes, FIFA is worldwide in its reach, and is enjoyed by millions. But little do people know, this game can actually benefit your well-being. It helps in better eye-hand coordination, which is helpful in multiple facets of life. Had a rough day at work? All of that shit just melts away after sitting down and dominating with your favorite club as thousands of virtual fans cheer for how awesome you are. Playing FIFA will at the very least give you a basic understanding of football, as it has taught us tackling social issues like racism, discrimination and religion differences.

So yeah, I guess if playing did not make you feel good, you would not play. The beautiful game is widely accepted and is beloved for its sheer unpredictability, ability to bring communities together through fanhood and how visually pleasing an excellent game of football can be.


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