When Life takes a Detour

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change, so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Question. What do you do when life takes you on a detour?

How do you cope with unexpected changes and surprises? Do you get frustrated? Do you panic? Do you get overwhelmed? Do you enrage from within? Do you get all “Oh FFS, are you kidding me?” Or do you react in a way like…

Life detours happen to all of us. There is no way everything in your life is going to go exactly as expected. In fact, without any sort of “life detour” thrown at us, it’s hard to go the distance at all. Some could be large. Some could be tiny ones. And anywhere in between. In your life, do you accept these detours? Or, do you complain at these instances and ask “Oh FFS, why me”?

There are many aspects about a detour. It can be unexpected, a nuisance, hard to handle, exhausting, and hard to cope with, but it can turn out to be fabulous as well.

Detours compel us to seek new possibilities that are fresh. At the point when we can’t go the distance we have foreseen, we must change gears and adjust. We need to focus on our inner strengths we never knew we were able to reach. When we conquer the’ unimaginable’, we realize our true potential, and who we really are.

Let me show you one of my detours in life, positive and negative. Okay, so I finished my school at 18, started looking for universities. Managed to sneak in a decent university, but not of my preferred course. ( Preferred C.Sc over ECE(expected), but landed in EIE). So, literally clueless in the third semester, we decided to take a road trip to Kochi (for a change of mindset). That one trip was worth every second. I didn’t even have a license that time, all I had was a wet xerox of my aadhar card, yet I nodded when my friend Vikas asked me if I was interested in the trip. We rented five bikes and were ready to roll on our new adventure. We drove around 868kms(round trip), which was worth every second of it. It is hard to express that prime feeling when we were riding in the drizzling rain and misty tea slopes of Valparai. Be it the pending assignments, the seminars, or the online tests, etc. etc., nobody gave a damn about it, as we were totally lost in the adventure. After the road trip, we were kinda bored, as we had covered only 8 inches, according to the map.

For the next three years, I had no other choice but to go with the academic flow, bordering my grades to a 7, on a 10 point scale. Neither the intensity of the competition in the placements, nor the scope of my final year project, I was unaware of what was happening in my life at that point of time. I figured out that a core company could actually fix half of my stress, as I was good at my core basics. Take a look at my final year of college, here.

So, my point is, detours can be positive, and negative. On the positives, I have a road trip and few other trips, which will be a part of my memory treasures. On the negatives, which everyone seems to be interested to take a look at, I lost a friend. I had a long-distance friend with whom I got really close, and shared my thoughts and opinions on almost everything, But, we are humans, and it is natural for us to screw things up, and yeah, this one’s on me, again. Take a look, at what I did when I figured out my two worst enemies- addictions and comfort zones. And tbh, it helped me grow and get out of my comfort zone and addictions. It also gave me a boost in my professional life, which you can take a look at, here.

If life has taught me anything, it’s not to get too comfortable with where I am or the path I’ve mapped out for the future, because no one goes unnoticed by bumps in the road or unforeseen detours.

Look, it’s simple, and complicated at the same time. Just because we hit an unpredictable turn of events doesn’t mean we’re helpless, as we have a choice in how to respond, and where that takes us will always come down to attitude.

So, now the ball’s in your court, and you have to decide:

“Will you be the passenger or the driver in your life journey?“


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