It totally took off in the second week of June, after ruminating over what new skill could I develop in this pandemic, my crusading zeal triggered me to invest in FIFA 20 (PC), uninformed of the incoming fundamental digital form crack cocaine for individuals with obsessive tendencies like me. I installed the game on PC and worked out a few graphic changes corresponding to the game requirements.

In concise, I’m a neophyte and this is my first FUT experience. I initiated FIFA 20 (squad battles and division rivals) to unlock packs, tifos, and new club features, thus plunging into the game for around 15 hours a week, bringing in 2-2. 5 hours a daylight. Straightaway, the real problem began as I was getting obsessed with it. I ran the gamut of FUTBIN, FUThead, and other sites to ameliorate my FUT club, experimenting numerous formations, custom tactics, and shadowing active transfers in the transfer market. The bewitching graphics of the pack animation by EA Sports are so obsessive that it pressurizes you to indulge in the game for indefinite hours.

Scrutinizing different free kicks by watching a plethora of YouTube videos and working them out in the practice arena, I entered single drafts to get hold of ICON MOMENTS (like Zinedine Zidane, Ruud Gullit, and a few others).

Allow me to show you my FUT20 Squad, the building of which is a painstaking task.

I had a strong team featuring Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe, Paulo Dybala, Ter Stegen, Richarlison, Raphael Varane, Casemiro, Fede Valverde,Carvajal, Kingsley Coman and other strong players in my club (My defense requires refinement, as I wasted coins in irrelevant SBC’s).I had plunged into season 8 for the objectives and rewards, especially for the Lvl30 Anthony Martial.

One day, as I was digging the transfer market, I picked up a notification from Steve Harvey (speech on comfort zone) on YouTube. And that’s when I quit the game and deleted my FUT club to detox my dopamine.

My friend once told me, “Get out of your comfort zone to reveal your true potential and while you’re upgrading yourself, you’ll be comfortable being in discomfort.”

So, to those who are in their twenties/juveniles, yet playing the least-rewarding game of EASports, let me offer you some advice:

  1. Take a minute to figure out how much time you are spending on FUT. Both in game and browsing/thinking about it.

  2. Take a minute to acknowledge what personal targets you have in your life and where you would want to be 1 year from now. Will you get there by spending multiple hours a day and 15 hours a weekend playing FUT?

Be fair to yourselves, guys. You have one life. Take control of your mind and time. It’s the most valuable thing you will ever have.So, Quit playing the game, and start building your Ultimate LIFE, unlocking your true potential, rather than a virtual Ultimate team (of virtual potential players) which will be fruitless in a few months.Your future self will venerate you for choosing this step.


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